Download the source code
and OSS database

To look at the complete Open Source Shakespeare (OSS) site, download one of the databases and the codebase archive. The site is running on Apache 1.3 with PHP 4.3, and the database is MySQL 4.0. The management has not tested it on other configurations, but does not see why it could not work on other architectures, possibly with minor modifications.

You may download the OSS code and/or the database and use them in your personal, non-commercial projects without charge, as long as you give us credit and provide a link somewhere to Commercial use is prohibited without the permission of Bernini Communications LLC. Inquiries, compliments, complaints, and idle threats should be e-mailed to

To open the .zip files, you need a product like PKZip or WinZip. The source code file with the .gz extension can be opened with either of those products, or by the gzip program on any UNIX/Linux machine.


Microsoft Access database, with the stemmed and phonetic paragraphs


Microsoft Access database, without the stemmed or phonetic paragraphs


Text database, with the stemmed and phonetic paragraphs



The OSS site codebase, in gzip format (database password replaced with "xxx" for security reasons)